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TFT Sports & Event Managment

Welcome to Glee! - an exciting and innovative concept, bringing together schools, kids, parents, coaches, teachers, clubs, and families in fun and healthy events throughout Australia!

What is Glee!?

Glee! is Australia’s premier school and club Glee competition for all ages.  Our event welcomes novice, intermediate and elite standard competitors in solos, duo/trio and teams, along with our highly competitive Audition section.  Glee! is a combination of music vocals and movement intertwined.

Aim of Glee!

To provide a platform for members of Schools, Choral Groups and Glee Clubs Australia wide to shine on stage in a positive environment allowing them to develop their confidence, self-esteem and talent in front of an appreciative audience.

History of Glee!

In 2013, after 25 years of providing  performance sports events Australia wide, in a number of disciplines, TFT Sports and Event Management was delighted to bring the four most popular genres under one incredible umbrella.

For the first time anywhere in the world, athletes performers and dancers are able to compete in an Event to support both performance, culture and sportsmanship from a Regional to National level!

Getting Started

Email us at and we will send you out a Starters Package!

Sections are available for all ages and abilities whether you are just starting out or are an experienced chorographer / voice coach.

Your Getting Started Package will help you with team selection, music, putting the team together, training and costumes.



TFT Sports & Event Management's policy, in line with our philosophy, is to assist our kids and athletes to enjoy their performance and competition by increasing self esteem, confidence, fitness and a love for improving their abilities and developing their skills over the years they are involved in the world of Glee! and beyond.

During each Event, the Results are announced on stage and posted backstage following Presentations.  Within one week of the Event, regardless of where you live in Australia, the Coaches will receive a full breakup of how the score was attained, a comparative sheet showing other teams total scores, and feedback (at prelims and Spring Challenges).  Those results, along with the Rules and Guidelines and the Coaches own expertise, will allow the kids to understand their placing and scores.

When the results become mere numbers on a website, we feel the lesson and importance of performance can be lost and in the end that is in conflict with  what we want the kids to gain from their Glee! experience.  So our policy is to leave the discussion of who scored what and why, to the experienced coaches and allow the kids and parents to utilize the website for fun, memories and reference.

Each year we will update photos, tributes, stories, acknowledgement of our National Gold, Silver and Bronze Medalists, anecdotes of fabulous coaches / kids / schools and supporters and favourite moments.

We thank you for your interest in how our Results system works and hope you will share our philosophy of participation, winning with a smile and humility, placing with dignity and being proud of where you came, no matter what that result, with your children, School and Clubs.


In the end, they are all winners….that is what we believe, and feel they need to know!

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