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TFT Sports & Event Management

Proudly Presents 

Bring on 2024 Australia

Welcome to TFT Sports and Event Management and our fantastic lineup of Performance Sports Events, which includes Schoolaerobics, Dancestar, Glee!, and 100% Cheer.


We're proud to be the only events in Australia that offer four different genres in a single competition, with regional events right through to the pinnacle event, our National Championships.  This unique setup allows all the kids in your school, club or dance school to participate in the same event, regardless of whether they're singers, dancers, cheerleaders, or sport aerobic athletes.


Whether you're part of the HPE Department, the Choir Coordinator, or the Dance Program Director, you'll find a genre suitable for your students to enter.  A dedicated TFT Crew member will assist you to get started and provide you with access to your own personal portal. This portal allows you to enter the competition, upload music, fine-tune details, receive up-to-the-minute program updates before the event day, check your scores, and review full feedback—all in a single, user-friendly interface!


Discover more about our exciting series of 43 events taking place across Australia and learn how you can be a part of these incredible Performance Sports by clicking on the navigation buttons above.

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